Asset Recovery, Reunification Program

Post Merger Needs

Laurel Hill’s Shareholder Asset Recovery, Reunification Program can assist as many as 80% of the unexchanged shareholders successfully claim their entitlements.

For Issuers following a merger or acquisition, there remains the cost of maintaining accounts of shareholders who have not exchanged their shares or claimed their assets. In addition, this can benefit Issuers in preparing for actions related to abandoned property or escheatment laws.

Identifying Unexchanged (Lost) Holders

Various factors contribute to the fact that up to 20% of registered shareholders remain unexchanged for months or years following the transaction. Many of these shareholders may be unaware that action is required, cannot be located, or require guidance on legal and estate matters. Our shareholder services experience in providing unique research methods and proven communication strategies are designed for success. Laurel Hill specializes in locating these ‘lost’ shareholders, informing them of the transaction, and providing them with valuable time-saving assistance in claiming their assets.

No Cost to the Issuer

Our Shareholder Asset Recovery, Reunification Program allows shareholders to voluntarily participate in the program with minimal fees paid directly to Laurel Hill so there is no cost to the Issuer. Our solution is customized and involves an integrated approach including plain language, professional design, and a unique focus on helping shareholders understand the assets due to them and clearly presenting how we can assist.