Escrow Services

Laurel Hill’s Escrow Services assist transactions that require an unaffiliated third party to hold funds, documents or assets until the transaction is successfully completed or other conditions are satisfied. Laurel Hill Advisory Group offers comprehensive escrow capabilities to help in executing your transactions efficiently. Laurel Hill can act as a neutral third party for individuals, public and private corporations.

Laurel Hill offers two primary escrow type services:

  • Cash Escrow Services

  • Securities Escrow Services

Choosing Laurel Hill as your Escrow agent provides:

  • An impartial and objective party

  • Established processes and internal systems

  • A reduction of administrative burdens

  • Experienced escrow officers

  • Investment services to receive, invest and disburse cash

Laurel Hill has the expertise to provide swift turnaround times on escrow agreements and to customize solutions for your transaction. We are an experienced, trusted, unbiased and independent third party to manage the unique characteristics of your specific transaction.