We'll go the extra mile to dig out your Odd Lot shareholders.

We'll go the extra mile to dig out your Odd Lot shareholders.

Small Shareholder (Odd Lot) Program

Laurel Hill’s Small Shareholder Odd Lot Programs assist corporate issuers that are faced with establishing a balance of building shareholder value and reducing shareholder servicing costs. Our turn-key solution also enables corporate issuers to reconnect with existing shareholders.

Laurel Hill provides a solution to shareholders that own less than 100 shares and are seeking a convenient and cost effective way to sell their holdings. Many of these shareholders are passive investors who have received their holdings through spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions or reverse stock splits. Regardless of how these shareholders became investors, our Odd Lot program provides a convenient option allowing the participating shareholder the ability to sell their holdings or round-up to100 shares. Corporate issuers find that a majority of their corporate share and servicing costs result from the Odd Lot shareholders that hold a minority of the outstanding shares.

A few key items offered by our Odd Lot program are:

  • Transparency of fees
  • Shareholder interaction through the entire process
  • Cost effective solution to shareholder and issuer clients
  • Cost savings associated with servicing your Odd Lot population

Laurel Hill can design an Odd Lot program specific to your needs inclusive of identifying Odd Lot shareholder threshold, election offering (sell only, charitable donation, etc.) and marketing opportunity.