Proxy Contests

A proxy contest for all or a portion of a company’s board seats is one of the most significant, intensive, and disruptive events that management and boards will face. The stakes are high, and the pressure significant as a negative outcome will possibly change control of the board and alter the strategic direction of a company.

Shareholders who will be subjected to a conflicting barrage of arguments and counter-arguments, may become seemingly overwhelmed and withdraw from the process after a period of time. Key vote support may ebb and flow between the opposing positions, and correct interpretation of conflicting information is a tremendous challenge. There is a critical requirement to have access to specialized and experienced advisors to increase your ability to achieve a successful outcome.

Our team of strategic advisors will form an integral component of your tactical group. Whether working with management or dissidents, our collective experience will be fully deployed to ensure your message is clearly and effectively communicated and understood by the shareholders, delivering a tactical advantage. It’s not enough to just present facts; the method of presentation is just as important in influencing voter support.

Whether supporting management or dissidents, you can trust that Laurel Hill has the transactional expertise, industry understanding and dedicated focus on service excellence to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results.