Proxy Solicitation

Whether designated as “Routine” or not, annual general shareholder meetings have become a primary stage for the visible effects of increasing shareholder activism. For this reason Proxy Solicitation services should play an integral part of a successful outcome. Management agenda items previously considered non-issues are now facing greater scrutiny and opposition from individual and institutional investors alike, while the scale and focus of shareholder proposals are receiving increased support from both shareholders and influential institutional proxy advisors. 

As a result, it is critical that Issuers are apprised of the shifting corporate governance landscape and receive timely, accurate intelligence along with superior execution to maximize positive shareholder support while minimizing potential of unforeseen surprises. 

Laurel Hill has tremendous experience and understanding within this complex environment. We will provide expert guidance to ensure your agenda items receive the highest level of support while continuously monitoring for any possible issues, allowing your management team to focus on other organizational requirements. Our counsel covers all meeting activities that can be potential sources of problems. 

No matter what items are on your agenda, Laurel Hill has the transactional expertise, industry understanding and dedicated focus on service excellence to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results.