Shareholder Identification

Shareholder Identification – requires timely tracking and accurate reporting of change in ownership, in order to enable your Company or Fund to better communicate its message with its shareholders. When you are in the process of seeking support for meeting proposals, targeting the actual parties able to vote in support is critical.

Once your Record Date is set, Laurel Hill will provide contact lists of institutional investors prepared by a team of experts for your Annual Meeting or Corporate Action.

Our meeting services Shareholder Identification:

  • Gives you details of the influence of Proxy Voting Advisors such as Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and Glass Lewis
  • Identifies the Proxy Voting Decision Makers (sometimes very different from Portfolio Managers) at each institution with contact information

In addition:

  • Laurel Hill performs a Shareholder Composition Analysis which identifies the components of your Institutional, Retail and Bank ownership by percentages – a useful solicitation planning tool
  • Vote Reports with, wherever possible, institutional voting pattern identification, assists in strategic solicitation planning
  • If indicated by voting patterns, reminder mailings to specific share ranges for maximum impact are triggered in a timely fashion
  • Outbound Telephone Campaigns are tactics which may be indicated with a proper Shareholder Identification of your Record Date

Laurel Hill’s Solicitation experts will work with your Investor Relations, Corporate Officers and, where needed, Board Members, to target the parties who influence the outcome of your shareholder meeting.