Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), whether friendly or contested, large or small, are significant transformational events that consume vast amounts of senior management and board members time and energy, exacerbated by the ongoing need of overseeing daily company operations.

The stakes are high, and the pressure significant to effectively communicate a substantial amount of complex information and receive positive shareholder action. A shareholder base previously comprised of long term investors can turn over 40-50% or more in a matter of days after a deal announcement, leaving management with a significant new and unknown shareholder dynamic.

Whether engaged to support or defend against a Merger or Acquisition, Laurel Hill has a tremendous amount of transactional experience and understanding within this complex environment. We will provide;

  • Detailed and timely market intelligence
  • Creative and provide expert tactical guidance
  • Ensure your messaging is received and understood by your shareholder audience to obtain the highest level of support possible
  • Partner with your other external legal and financial advisors to develop and execute a coordinated strategy to maximize positive results while freeing up valuable time for board and management resources to focus on other important items.

In special shareholder meetings other critical agenda items can be equally as complex and crucial to an Issuer including CEO and key employee compensation plans, rights plans, etc. For this reason Laurel Hill takes a similar approach with M&A to maximize the best opportunity for a positive outcome.